Set Film Festival

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Are you interested in what is the most successful movie in France, Norway, Poland, Holland, Hungary and other European countries?

Do you know which Slovak and Czech bands or other musical groups create music for famous films? Are you aware of what modern procedures and technologies are used in film making today? Is it also a puzzle for you where Vojta Dyk, I.M.T Smile, Iva Janžurová, Dominika Kavaschová, Hex, Eva Holubová, the Jean Valjean Orchestra, and many other successful actors, directors, musicians, cameramen and producers will be located?

We already know, they will be at the zero edition of the Set Film Fest international festival!

And they will be with you, the audience, because, as is well known, they would not exist without you. This is also the basic idea of the upcoming festival. To bring films and creators as close as possible to what the film needs. To the audience.

There is a beginning of something huge, although this year it will have more modest and smaller but still spectacular set up. But come and see for yourself! That is how you express your support for the idea, where love for film art is a natural and inseparable part of life.

You can look forward to these movies:

Festival program

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Event map

You will be able to see the festival films in several places in the city centre of Trnava.

Kino Hviezda

Paulínska 1, 917 01 TrnavaMap


Trojičné námestie 2, 917 00 TrnavaMap

Cinemax (City Arena)

Kollárova 555/20, 917 01 TrnavaMap


Halenárska 20, 917 01 TrnavaMap

Malý Berlín

Štefánikova 94/4, 917 01 TrnavaMap

Cinema Bus

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